Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are words in vinyl? 
Words in Vinyl are words cut from a thin adhesive back film.  They are pre-spaced material that are pre-spaced  and  ready to be applied to almost any surface in a matter of minutes.  Words in Vinyl give a hand painted look.

2. Where can I put my words? 
Words in Vinyl can be applied to almost any smooth or slightly textured surface like walls, glass, tile, mirrors, metal or wood.  They do not adhere to brick or stucco

3. How do I remove them? 
Words in Vinyl are easy to remove.  They can be picked off using tweezers. Just grab the corner of the letter and lift off. The vinyl can harden if it has been on for a long period.  To remove soften use a blow dryer and then pull off.  If a residue remains use goo-gone or alcohol to remove.  The words may damage some wallpaper and paint texture.  Do not apply to freshly painted walls.  Allow the paint to cure for at least a month before applying Words in Vinyl.  Words in Vinyl cannot be held responsible for any damage to wall or other surfaces.

4. Can the words be reused? 
No, the vinyl stretches and tears when it is pulled off, makings its reapplication impossible.

5. What if I do not see a font I like?
If you do not see a font you like or have a particular font you would like to use, please email us at and we will attempt to locate it in our vast collection of fonts. Please provide as many details as possible.

6. What if I am not satisfied with my order? 
If you are not satisfied with your order of a pre-designed Words in Vinyl we will exchange or replace it within 30 days if they have not been applied to any surface. Refunds will be issued for a defective product, minus the cost of shipping. Refunds will not be issued without the return of the product. There is no refund on custom orders. As each computer monitor is different some colors may not be what you were expecting. If you might have a question about the color please request a sample be sent to you before ordering. Custom orders are completed exactly as they have been received. Therefore, please proofread your order carefully before submitting.

7. How long does it take to get my order?
Orders are processed and mailed within 5 to 7 business days.

8. How do I contact you?
Questions, comments or concerns can be sent to